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Ardag emphasizes R&D and innovation with a proven track record of new marine species domestication. We maintain a strong relationship with academic researchers and have participated in several EU-backed R&D programs (Horizon). We invest in start-ups and provide the definitive setting for scaling up aquaculture ventures by providing a combination of industry experts and exceptional aquaculture infrastructure and facilities. 


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V-Corals’ mission is to advance inland coral farming in scale and efficiency  in order to supply the growing demand for coral. V-Corals aims to restore and build natural and customized coral reefs with healthy, resilient, and fast-growing corals. The company was established in 2021 at Ardag’s main site in Eilat and is developing an exclusive coral enhancement and propagation process.

Biofishency ELX Pilot for raising shrimp 

BioFishency Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets disruptive electro-chemical and biological aquaculture water treatment solutions for Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Based on big data analytics, and independent of water temperature, the company’s patented technologies enable the production of healthier seafood products. While lowering our carbon footprint, this technology makes land-based fish growing profitable, saves valuable resources and reduces the space required for efficient fish farming, and most importantly, eliminates off-flavors, the leading challenge for the world’s fish farmers.

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Grey Mullet - ground-breaking start-up

Ardag & Colors Farm bring together a combined 60 years of aquaculture experience, establishing a start-up for producing all female Grey Mullet fingerlings. The technology is based on a patent developed by the Volcani Institute of Agricultural Research in Bet Dagan, and the National Center for Mariculture in Eilat. This technology has the potential to provide healthier, faster growing grey mullet to farmers all around the world.

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